What to Do When the Elevator to Success is Out of Order

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As a goal orientated person, I have often wondered why the elevator to success was out of order during various times in my life. Some of the questions I have asked myself are: Do you re-push the button and wait? Should I take the stairs? The answer lies within. However, in my case, I chose to take the stairs!

When the elevator to success appears out of order, it is time to reflect and use the experience as an opportunity. I have learned numerous lessons from taking the stairs. Here are three key growth lessons I have learned.

The first lesson was to Surrender. I had to learn to find JOY in each step. So often in life we find it is easy to resist but it is better to go with the flow and embrace the circumstance. Surrendering does not mean you are weak instead it shows your inner strength. Your goal will be obtained quicker by letting go! Whenever we achieve our goal too quickly, we are overwhelmed or not fully prepared. Try and remember to breathe and savor each moment. You will understand the process better and develop patience.

My second lesson was Gratitude. Be grateful and thankful for your growth and learning experience. You will be amazed by the clarity and renewed energy you will receive from the universe. What appears to be an obstacle in your path is only a perception of your reality. Remember an obstacle is an illusion to an opportunity that awaits you.

The third lesson was Perseverance. Never ever give up or become bitter. Your goal is absolutely possible if you truly believe and never quit! It is not a crime if you decide to pause and recharge your inner battery. However, if you pause too long, you will lose your momentum. The moment you are thinking of quitting could be very well be the moment the elevator is back in service. Have faith and be prepared to receive the abundance, which is yours by divine right.

These three key lessons have helped me throughout my life. May all your dreams and goals be realized whether you take the elevator or climb the stairs!

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What to Do When the Elevator to Success is Out of Order

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This article was published on 2010/04/01