Elevator Door Control Technology To Lead Delta Converter Door Upcoming

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As everyone knows, lift is that people most frequently in contact with various types of building transport infrastructure is essential to transport high-rise buildings, in people's daily life and work played an important role. Elevator speed and smoothness, lift the decoration is beautiful, and floors to reach the bell is sweet, have become the standard assessment of building one of the conditions.

Elevator door is a very important part of the elevator, its stability, rationality, elevator level security is a key factor in the decision. We know that the traditional door control mode is controller + inverter in order to improve the overall performance lift, Delta features for the elevator door, door special transducer developed - 004M21B-D, it is an integrated control device of the inverter, it appears significant cost savings for users. Tens of thousands of times in the reliability test without fault by the user alike.


 This sets up door converter has the following specific functions:

1. Motor parameter settings, and can motor for self-learning;

2. Since the study door wide action to close? Open the door? Closed;

3. Run command mode: demo mode; terminal mode; panel model;

4. Knife gate pulses travel with the division;

5. When the door switch in the different regions (adjustable) at different speeds (adjustable) run, with acceleration and deceleration time (adjustable), the system is the perfect gesture to run;

6. Operating status display, door width percentage and yardage to switch display;

7. Prevent pulse accepting cumulative error;

8. Input signal: open, closed, light curtains, Reset. Output signal: switching the door in place, the middle place, fault;

9. Re-open the test torque adjustable range is adjustable; abnormal deceleration time is adjustable;

10. Power, may move the current door position artificially. To switch the power gate signal, accurate orientation, the normal operation;

11. Fault Recovery of function;

12. Mute (high carrier frequency).

China is the beginning of the 20th century, elevators, elevator was regarded as the West imported goods. After the founding of New China, China's elevator industry is beginning to work hard and self-development, production lift, especially since the reform and opening up, foreign companies have entered the elevator set up foreign-funded enterprises in China, China's elevator industry has made rapid development. Meanwhile, with the rapid development of China's economy, people are increasingly demanding high quality of life. How to ensure and improve the stability of the lift, rationality, security issues become the focus of the elevator industry; Moreover, with the energy crisis intensifies, effective and energy-efficient products become the universal demand of various industries. The inverter can satisfy various requirements, and outstanding energy-saving advantage, so by the special favor.

Delta Delta converter is the main product areas of mechanical and electrical automation is one of rapid development in recent years, not only the product of many, and widely used in the textile, machinery, plastics, and paper industry has a huge user base, has become domestic inverter market, one of the major manufacturers, product quality is excellent, by the users alike. To give full play to its strengths in technology to meet the special needs of users in different sectors and further expand their target applications industry, Delta spotted the elevator industry, and the special requirements for the elevator industry, and characteristics of careful research, efforts to develop, through After numerous successful experiment, launched this door special inverter - 004M21B-D, which is dedicated specifically for elevator doors converter products can greatly increase the lift performance for the elevator industry to bring the gospel. With the constantly open up the courage to pursue the spirit and strong technical strength, Delta inverter door will meet the special needs of more users and improve people's quality of life, promote the rapid development of China's elevator industry.


About Delta

Delta Electronics Group was founded in 1971 and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, in the Americas, Europe and Asia with production, sales base and R & D Centre. As the world's largest suppliers of power management and a leader in the field of industrial automation, Delta Group is also the global display, the mainstream of electronic components and network products supplier in 2004, its revenue topped three billion dollars a 1000 two million yuan (about 24.4 billion yuan), has 50,000 employees worldwide. With the power electronics and control technology accumulated experience, Delta called leader in the field of industrial automation. Since 1995, the production AC motor inverter, in recent years more has been greatly expanded product line, for the industrial automation market diversification, advanced and reliable products and customized solutions.

Delta Electronics in China

In up to Dentsu Inc., founded in 1992 and headquartered in Shanghai, has 34 branches in China, is a multinational giant?? Delta Electronics Group, a subsidiary of the mainland. Decade of sword, scabbard create brilliant. Inherited the high quality of the parent halo, the Delta-CIMIC is committed to energy efficient technology and application engineering of the perfect combination to provide an integrated program of integration, together with customers to create competitive advantage. Delta-CIMIC offerings include inverter, open programmable controllers, AC servo system, control system, man-machine interface, encoder, temperature controller and various types of power supply, advanced DLP rear projection video display system and so on, are the first-class quality, excellent value for money and quick service for our industrial customers Intersection reputation.

As industrial automation, power and communications products, integrated solutions and customized integrated mainstream service providers, the Delta-CIMIC is your most reliable partner.

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Elevator Door Control Technology To Lead Delta Converter Door Upcoming

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Elevator Door Control Technology To Lead Delta Converter Door Upcoming

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